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300 for Liberty

I've got my name for freedom.


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  • Will you be one of the 300 for Freedom?

    Three hundred men and women ready to stand up to the
    - big-government, –big-corporation empire that has brought us:
    exploding debt, the Federal Reserve, economic dysfunction, the Patriot Act,
    the TSA, the NDAA, SOPA, CISPA, aerial spy drones, and repressive limits
    on free expression.

    Three hundred of liberty’s finest, who recognize that the battle against the Establishment
    will require massive resources.

    YourName4Freedom can give Each Individual a $4,000 monthly commission check.

    I’m asking you, as one of the 300 for Liberty, to help me raise just one-tenth of that:
  • $500. I know you can find three, five, maybe ten or more people to pitch in toward that $500
  • before the general election in November. 
  • My team will help by providing you with a personalized online contribution page
  • where you can request donations from your friends and track your progress.

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  • Don’t doubt that one person makes a difference. I use Facebook to explain every vote I take,
  • and it’s empowering people like you more effectively to question Members of Congress in their
  • offices and at their town halls. I hear about it from my colleagues every week. Minds are being
  • changed, and we must keep the momentum going. We can achieve a liberty majority. It’s not far off.

    As one of the 300 for Liberty, you can help me return to Congress with a mandate for liberty.
  • Washington will hear our message loud and clear: The people are in charge again.

    And when we meet our overall goal—when 300 of you stand tall for liberty by raising
  • or contributing $500—I’ll send you a limited-edition, individually numbered 300 for
  • Liberty lapel pin.

    For the first time in generations, the goal is within reach. We can restore our constitutional republic.
  • But it won’t happen unless good people are prepared to fight for it.

    Are you in?